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Living Food: Mastering Health Through Diet

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Food is fuel

What you put into your body plays a massive role in your overall health, on every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Yet most of the "food" found in supermarkets today is physically, chemically, and vibrationally dead.

If you want to control the direction of your health, you have to understand what food is and what your body actually needs in order to thrive.

Living Food will guide toward making better health decisions, by educating you on what we as humans are meant to eat based on biology, not diet trends, cultural bias, or belief systems.

Why is this important? Because health is freedom and without a proper foundation, it's impossible to achieve lasting health.

There's more to bodily wellness than "nutrients." Health can't be found in a pill, nor in the dead foods found in cans and boxes.

This is a Self-Mastery Guide

Learning how to fuel your body in order to achieve holistic wellness is an aspect of personal self-mastery. You cannot be as happy, strong, or fulfilled as you potentially can be without understanding the power of food.

To get the most out of this guide, approach it from an aspect of bettering your Self as an individual, not merely as a diet guide. Dieting is for fools. We are meant to simply eat what is good for us, nothing more.

Stop complicating nutrition.

What's In This Guide?

  • Why "dead" foods are destroying your body.
  • What the real purpose of eating is.
  • How society is conditioning people into thinking certain foods are good for them when they are anything but.
  • The difference between eating for nutrients and eating for energy.
  • The difference between alkaline and high energy foods
  • Understanding the sacred symbiotic relationship between plants and animals and how this plays into what we should be eating.

Who is This Guide For?

  • Anyone who wants to enjoy better health, including mental and emotional health. 
  • Anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Anyone sick of feeling sluggish, fatigued, drained, and agitated all the time.
  • Anyone wanting clearer skin or less inflammation.
  • Anyone wanting to live closer in balance with nature.
  • Anyone wanting to stop relying on the pill-peddling medical establishment.

True Health Can Be Yours

Stop relying on the whims of fate and money-hungry doctors for your health and wellness. Health, at the end of the day, is your responsibility. Take control by learning how to feed your body the fuel it craves.

The lack of decent information out there about food and nutrition is killing people. You have the power to buck this trend and take control and responsibility for your own wellness.

PAY WHAT YOU WANT, but tips are greatly appreciated.

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Living Food: Mastering Health Through Diet

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