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Fearless Self: Empowerment Through Awakening

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Fearless Self lays the groundwork for improving your own life by explaining exactly how your thoughts and actions shape the world around you.

In easy to understand language, I explain:

  • How your ego limits your ability to see opportunities.
  • Why improper energy management always leads to suffering.
  • The relationship between mental control and physical success.
  • How to control your emotions and feel at peace even in stressful situations.
  • The true meaning of "as above, so below" and other spiritual teachings.
  • What it takes to "program" the energy around you in order to manifest change.
  • How visualization meditation helps your favorite business moguls, influencers, and sports stars get what they want.
  • The key to developing strong willpower and how to apply this in everyday life.

That's just the start. You will learn to live the life you want without limitations.

To succeed at the "game of life" you must first learn the rules of the game.

The information contained within this book has transformative power.

All personal change boils down to choice, and this book teaches you exactly how to use your power of choice to create and take advantage of opportunity.

If you've ever wondered what the "secret" behind the success of so many apparently ordinary people is, wonder no more.

Hermetics is the study of the principles that guide and shape reality. These esoteric "laws" have been studied for thousands of years by politicians, sports stars, CEOs, aristocrats, and world leaders to find prosperity, happiness, and fulfillment in all aspects of their life.

What's Included in the Book

Fearless Self is the culmination of some of the most important lessons in mental and physical self-mastery that I've personally learned and put into practice over the course of a decade to completely transform my own life.

After realizing the power of hermetics for myself, I've felt compelled to help others walk the path and escape the same old cycles of fear, limitation, and the "sleeping at the wheel" lifestyle that seems to dominate our society.

No more excuses. The power to direct the course of your life is in your hands:

  • Develop an unrelenting force of will.
  • Learn about energy correspondences and how the world is shaped by your thoughts.
  • Escape negative thinking patterns and needy behavior.
  • Release stress through reliable meditation and mental control techniques.
  • How to apply hermetic laws to everyday situations for complete life mastery.
  • Improve your physical health through effective self-work.
  • Dismantle the ego and overcome the limitations of the mind. 

Each chapter within Fearless Self explores the connection between our mind and the world around us, and how we can better direct the course of our own lives by raising our awareness.

Insight into the way energy works and how to control it in order to gain leverage in your everyday life

self-mastery based on the hermetic principles

If you are serious about personal growth and want valuable information you have never seen anywhere else, this is the book for you. Each page contains wisdom that has already been tested and put into practice. You will gain insight into the nature of the mind and the mechanisms of the world that will equally shock you and put your mind at ease, because you will finally understand how to "play the game."

What it Means to "Wake Up"

Don't expect hand-holding and sugarcoating.

This book is only for people who know they are ready to make changes in their life and transform through deep self-work.

You will face your fears. You will leave your opinions and mental baggage behind. You will learn to see reality for what it is instead of what you wish it would be.

Real self-work is difficult but it promises great rewards.

Higher awareness that comes from mastery of Self is worth its weight in gold.

This book is a tool that will allow you to take those first steps into a new life, but you're going to have to apply what you learn and put it into practice.

Waking up is about access to opportunity, not letting biases and opinions cloud your judgment, being able to properly navigate stressful situations, and knowing how to listen to your body in order to maximize your quality of life.

I know first-hand what it's like to live in a world of limitation, and I know what it takes to overcome those limitations and create a better life. I went from having nothing to literally carving out the life I always dreamed of, and I credit the awareness gained through hermetics.

Hermetics turns you into a true student of the world, and with such knowledge, doors open for you and opportunity quite literally falls into your lap.

Are you ready to follow the fearless path?

About the Author

What qualifies me to speak on the subject of self-mastery and hermetics?

My life path has afforded me the unique opportunity to spend years studying the hermetic principles and putting them into practice. I've used the same information you will find in this book to develop a powerful mind, pull myself out of generational poverty, accomplish incredible goals, start successful businesses, and more.

The exact mindset I hold, and the tactics I use to create the life I love, are in this book. Now I'm passing on what I know to you.

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Fearless Self: Empowerment Through Awakening

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